Client Awards

The settlements and judgments below are just a sampling of the cases handled by the attorneys at Friedman & Martin, LLP Attorneys.

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death, Motorcycle Collision

2.5 Million

internal injuries, Motorcycle Collision

2.0 Million

multiple injuries, auto collision

1.9 Million

delayed diagnosis cancer

1.75 Million

Breast Lump Misdiagnosis

1.2 Million

Multiple broken bones, car wreck

1.2 Million

Heart Problems Misdiagnosis

1.0 Million

Aneurysm, Medical Malpractice

1.0 Million

Car Wreck, Multiple Injuries


Nerve Injury, Van Collision


Neck Injury Auto Wreck


Back Injury Workers’ Compensation


Auto Wreck


Medical Malpractice (Aneurysm) –

$1.0 Million

In a case in rural Georgia, a radiologist failed to timely diagnose on CT scan an aortic aneurysm (weakened blood vessel) which later ruptured, resulting in the death of our client.

Restaurant Fall


Fall by woman in restaurant that required knee surgery.

Child Injured by Slingshot


In a somewhat unusual case, a 12-year-old girl was in a neighbor's yard when a 10-year-old neighborhood boy shot an acorn from a "wrist-rocket" slingshot that had been purchased for him by his parents. The acorn hit the eye of our client, causing temporary reduced vision in one eye. The suit was brought against the parents for negligently giving their son the slingshot.

Motorcycle Collision

$2.0 million

48-year-old man hit on left side by pickup truck that failed to yield at stop sign. Severe internal injuries, fractured ankle joint, left leg, pelvis with placement of plates, pins and screws to stabilize fractures.

Death Motorcycle Collision

$2.5 million

Young father killed while riding motorcycle on interstate.

Automobile Collision

$1.2 Million

Severe internal injuries received from a head-on automobile collision.

Breast Lump Misdiagnosis

$1.2 million

Client had breast mass that her doctor failed to detect.

DUI Collision


Client was driving home when his truck was hit by defendant driver, temporarily injuring the client and totaling his 2006 SUV. The defendant was under the influence of alcohol.

Pedestrian Accident


Elderly Client was struck and killed when the other driver was not paying attention.

Tractor Trailer/Log Loader Collision


Man in tractor trailer suffered multiple soft tissue injuries, but no broken bones.

Van Accident


Our client was in the back of a group van that had just begun a long trip when the driver negligently lost control of the vehicle. The client was partially ejected from the van and suffered serious injuries to her wrist and elbow.

Workers’ Compensation


47-year-old female who worked as a guard fell and broke her left wrist, resulting in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is a nerve injury causing pain, numbness and swelling in the left arm.