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construction defects attorney

If you or a friend or family member has been hurt or your property has lost value because of a construction defect, please call us for advice about your case. A construction defect can occur in a home, commercial building, sidewalk, street, or other structure, and can include but is not limited to stucco problems, foundation problems, roofing issues, framing issues, leaks in the walls and/or ceilings, mold problems, flooring issues, and many others. It is important to call us as soon as you discover the problem or defect, since time deadlines apply to filing suit once you have discovered the problem. You will also need to have an expert look at the issue to determine the cause of the problem, and this expert may need to testify in your case. We can determine the type of expert you need to look at your problems, whether you need a plumber, contractor, framer, foundation expert, structural or mechanical engineer or other type of expert. Please call us today about your case. We’re your Construction Defect Attorneys in Savannah.