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Defective Product


Our firm handles cases where a product did not perform as it was supposed to and injures someone. These types of cases include a design defect of the product, a manufacturing defect of the product or inadequate instructions/warnings for the product. Some examples include a tire that exploded on a car while the car was moving, a seat belt did not engage and hold during a wreck, or other problem with a vehicle. Other examples include medical devices that failed such as a hip replacement or mesh that was put in the body, and the materials did not perform as intended. A product could fail because it was not designed correctly, or if it was designed correctly, it could have been made incorrectly. Even if a product was designed the right way and manufactured the right way, but the maker of the product did not give adequate warnings or instructions with the product, you could have a case. Call us today to evaluate your case. Whatever you do, keep the faulty product in your possession, and do not give it to anyone(except your attorney), and do not give it to the manufacturer of the product.