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Have you been hit by a DUI driver? Have you been hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or some combination of all of those? If so, Friedman & Martin, LLP has extensive experience handling these type of cases. If you have been in this type of wreck, you likely have been badly injured. Most of the time, the DUI driver either crossed the center line, failed to maintain lane, turned wrongly in front of you, or was travelling the wrong way in your lane. The DUI driver also could have hit you in the rear of your car. The driving maneuvers often result in terrible injuries. DUI drivers often don’t know that they have even been in a wreck, telling the officer that they thought they “hit a deer” or “felt a bump, but didn’t know what it was.” The legal limit in Georgia is .08, meaning that if their alcohol level was above this, then they are drunk in the eyes of the law. Even if the driver who hit you was not this drunk at .08, they can still be charged with DUI. And many DUI drivers register well above the legal limit of .08, often .16 or .24, which is two and three times the legal limit. If you have been hit by a DUI driver, call us, we can help process your medical bills, lost wages, and the need for a rental car. We can help you get in contact with the proper State Solicitor or State District Attorney, who will work with you on prosecution of the DUI Driver. Call us today if you have been hit by a DUI driver.