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motorcycle accident attorney

Friedman & Martin has represented many, many clients who have been injured while lawfully riding their motorcycle. If you have been hurt while riding your motorcycle, we understand that your bike very likely suffered extensive damage, and that you had custom parts and additions on your motorcycle that you spent extra money for. Your bike was your pride and joy. You took excellent care of it. We can help get you the highest amount of money possible for your bike with all of its additions. Also, you may have been injured while riding a smaller motor scooter, which travel slower and are legal on the roads in Georgia. We understand that the injuries that you likely suffered are life altering. Motorcyclists, at the time of the wreck, are usually faced with a choice of laying their bike down, or hitting the offending truck or car. Either choice often results in severe injuries of broken bones, road rash, head injuries, spinal injuries, hip, leg, and arm injuries and many others. Surgery is usually necessary with placement of rods and pins for broken bones to hold the bones in place until they can heal. You are facing high medical bills, lost wages, and a long recovery. You may have permanent injuries that, as you get older, arthritis will make worse. Call us to help you with your case. The best motorcycle wreck attorneys in Savannah, GA.