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If you have been in a wreck and hit by a big truck, call us. Truck accidents and 18 wheeler accidents, by the very nature of the size of the truck, result in death, terrible injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, shoulder injuries, head injuries, and other injuries. Special laws apply to most trucking accidents, and truck drivers must comply with strict law for how many hours they can drive, how many hours they must rest, and must be familiar with laws called the Code of Federal Regulations for Motor Carriers. Some drivers, in an effort to make more money, do not abide by the laws regarding when they must rest, resulting in truck drivers driving when they are sleepy, tired, overworked and in violation of the law. A sleepy truck driver, according to statistics, is more likely to be involved in a wreck. It is likely that if you have been hit by a big truck, you have had substantial damage to your car and need help with a rental car. You also will need help getting your medical bills paid, getting reimbursed for your lost wages and for the pain you suffer. You may also be entitled to money for permanent injuries, depending on the type of injuries you have. Call Friedman & Martin, LLP. We can help with your case.