Broken Bone Injuries Can Be Costly

When you are involved in a high impact auto collision, some of the most common results are broken bones and compound fractures. They can be painful, requiring medication, pain management, time away from work, physical therapy and even permanent disability. … read more

Where Does Your Auto Insurance Company Rate?

Are you satisfied with your auto insurance? It can be a confusing field to determine who will provide you with the best coverage for your money. Who will look out for you when an accident occurs?  As personal injury attorneys, … read more

Ride Sharing – When an Accident Occurs, Know Your Rights

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing, sometimes called “ride hailing,” has become an integral form of transportation today as about one in four Americans make use of rideshare services, according to J.D. Power and Associates. This has resulted in thousands of injuries each year. Navigating … read more

5 Things to Know About Liability Waivers

Have you found yourself being asked to sign a liability waiver before participating in an activity by a company/venue hosting? Or you are ready to leave on a trip, but before you board the bus, your signature is required? Finally, … read more

Dental Work Gone Wrong?

Have you experienced personal injury due to dental work that has caused serious health issues? If so, you should consider filing a dental malpractice lawsuit. Dental malpractice refers to medical malpractice for an injury resulting from negligent dental work, failure … read more

Do I have a dog bite case?

Over the years, we have handled a lot of dog bite cases. Often, these attacks result in stitches, scars,  or torn tendons and ligaments. Examples of victims we have worked with include: A  female postal worker whose thigh got mauled … read more