Car Crashes and How They Affect a Body

Car crashes happen every day including being rear-ended, T-boned, and worse…head-on collisions. So, what happens to a body when involved in a car crash? There are actually three parts to a crash that affect the vehicle and then the bodies … read more

Virtual Personal Injury Law Works

Virtual Personal Injury Law Works Adaptability is the name of the game these days. The Covid-19 Pandemic has taught everyone to adapt their way of life and how they do business. As personal injury lawyers, we have found ways to … read more

Social Media and Personal Injury

In a world where everyone has a phone camera at their fingertips, it has become commonplace to capture in picture or video incidents as they happen. The issue with this tendency mixed with a potential personal injury claim is that … read more

Work Related Injuries and Your Rights

There is no arguing that work related injuries impact work productivity. Being new to a job increases chances of injury due to lack of experience, proper training and information provided that helps protect the employee from harm. The Bureau of … read more

Medication Errors Can Be Very Serious and/or Deadly

When prescribed medications are dispensed, patients believe what they receive is correct and safe for consumption. However, all too often medication errors occur, and the outcomes can be serious…even fatal. Considering up to 6,800 prescription medications and over the counter … read more

Understanding Product Liability

Thousands of injuries occur every year in the United States due to defective or dangerous products. As a result of “product liability” law cases, millions of dollars have been awarded by juries, with over five million in 2017 alone. Understanding … read more

Legal Liability in Personal Injury Law 

Determining who is at fault, or legally liable, in a personal injury law suit is key to determining who pays the compensation (or damages) to the injured party. This can be decided through settlement or through a court order. So … read more