Each year approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States. This terrifying experience for victims can lead them to experience post traumatic stress disorder and face many physical injuries.

Some victims may have superficial wounds, but others suffer serious scarring, nerve damage and disfigurement, and mobility issues. Victims can require amputation or sustain full or partial paralysis. In some cases, multiple plastic surgeries are needed to improve the scars. Due to the germs found in dogs’ mouths, people can develop infections or diseases. Sepsis, a blood condition caused by the infection, can even occur. Also, if you have been bitten by a dog, you may be required to take antibiotics to prevent an infection, and if the owner of the dog cannot show proof of rabies shots, the dog should be quarantined by animal control to determine if rabies is present. You may be required to get rabies shots.

What to do if you have been bitten by a dog:

The first thing you should do is call the police so that a report of the bite is made. The police will gather any information regarding the dog and the owner of the dog. Has the dog had a rabies shot? Write down notes of the dog’s breed, color, height, weight, whether it was on a leash or not, etc. Use your cell phone to take photos of the dog and your injuries. Secondly, seek medical attention. You may think it was a minor bite, but animal bites can cause infection.

Georgia laws are there to protect you.

In Georgia, there are special laws that apply to dog owners who should not allow dogs to roam freely. Dogs must be in a fence or on a leash, depending on the city and county laws where you live.

Most dog owner’s homeowner policies in Georgia cover dog bites by a homeowner’s dog. In our 60 years of combined personal injury experience, we have a successful track record in helping dog bite victims recover money for their injuries.  Contact Friedman and Martin, Personal Injury Attorneys at (912) 232-8500.

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