What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?

Your case will be put together and sent to the insurance adjuster with a settlement demand after discussion with you. If we are able to settle the case, then your case will be finished, but if not, we will file suit in the appropriate venue and begin litigation. The litigation process takes at least a year, and sometimes 2-3 years or longer, depending on the trial date, the complexity of the case, the lawyers involved, and the available trial dates from the Judge.

What to do after a personal injury accident?

•  Take photos of your injuries and the cars or other area that caused your injury
•  Visit a doctor if you haven’t already
•  If you have visited a doctor, follow their care plan and attend all follow-up appointments
•  Write down a narrative of what happened while it’s still fresh in your head
•  Make a list of witnesses and their contact information if you know it
•  Follow any additional instructions from your attorney

Will my Personal Injury Case go to Trial?

The vast majority of personal injury cases don’t go to trial. Most resolve by settlement before the trial date arrives. A case is most likely to go to trial when the facts are in dispute or when there’s a contested legal issue, and the court may rule either way.

The more carefully you build your case, the more likely it is that the insurance company will see the strength of your evidence and reach an appropriate settlement. If your case is in the minority of cases that go to trial, your attorney can help prepare you for what to expect. You will be fully prepared.

How Much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

There is no exact formula to value your claim. The value of your claim includes your economic damages like costs for medical treatment, past and future,  lost wages, past and future, whether you have a permanent injury, and many other factors. Each case is evaluated individually, and each assessment will be fully discussed with you.

Our firm also evaluates the defendant’s resources and their ability to pay.

How long will my case take to finish?

Most cases take anywhere from a few months to as long as a few years, depending on how badly you are hurt, your medical care, your desire to settle out of court or fight in court, the place where the lawsuit would be filed, the court where your case would be filed, how long your medical care takes, how long it takes you to get well. We evaluate each case based on the client’s needs and make a joint decision about whether to settle out of court or file suit.

How will I know exactly how much money I can get out of my case?

You will know exactly the amount of money you will get when the final settlement or verdict is reached.  Even at that time, there may be some items outstanding that need to be resolved, like medical liens, medical bills, etc. However, we are often able to give you an estimated value of what settlement an insurance company will offer. Going to a jury trial and what their verdict will be is harder to predict, but sometimes the offer from the insurance company is so low, you have no choice but to file a lawsuit, and proceed to trial. Your case can also settle as you are proceeding to court during the lawsuit.