Broken Bone Injuries Can Be Costly

When you are involved in a high impact auto collision, some of the most common results are broken bones and compound fractures. They can be painful, requiring medication, pain management, time away from work, physical therapy and even permanent disability. It is important to know that you may be entitled to seek compensation from the driver’s insurance company that caused the accident when negligence is involved or from another party. This is why you should call Friedman & Martin Personal Injury Attorneys to seek legal advice.

We’ve all seen the results of high impact crashes. The vehicles are severely damaged and the victims are seriously injured. The bone breaks are typically caused by the force of the crash, flying objects, being thrown within or outside of the vehicle, the body being twisted in unnatural ways, or even being crushed. Additionally, the human body experiences significant trauma brought about by the forces of a collision from the sudden acceleration, deceleration, quick directional changes and blunt force impact.

When bone breaks, also known as “fractures” these are more serious injuries, and they do place significant physical, emotional and financial burdens on victims and their families. These injuries increase stress not only for the patient, but also for the caregivers while healing is in progress.

Different parts of the body can be affected by bone fractures. There are also a number of ways in which a bone fracture can occur. Two examples are a “closed fracture” and a “compound fracture.” A break to the bone that doesn’t adversely affect surrounding tissue or tear through the skin is called a “closed fracture,” while a fracture that penetrates the skin is called a “compound” or “open” fracture. This type of injury is more serious, especially due to the risk of infections and other health complications.

The types of broken bones may vary and include:

Neck Spine Collarbone
Arms Hips Femur
Pelvic Bones Shoulder Knee


Of course, immediate medical attention is required, resulting in surgery, setting bones with casts, etc. and requiring ongoing orthopedic care. These breaks can lead to other medical complications that include infection, secondary infection, internal injuries and injuries to organs.  When a bone heals correctly, a car crash victim can still experience decreased ability to function normally. Bones that do not heal quickly and properly result in more time out of work and in need of constant medical attention. In some cases, no amount of treatment will ever restore functionality and cause the victim to face a lifetime of disability.

These injuries can all result in loss of wages, diminished future earnings, and even employment. If you have experienced broken bones as a result of an automobile accident, seek legal help by calling 912-232-8500 today. Friedman & Martin has recovered millions for our clients, and will review your case free of charge!