Do I have a dog bite case?

Over the years, we have handled a lot of dog bite cases. Often, these attacks result in stitches, scars,  or torn tendons and ligaments. Examples of victims we have worked with include:

  • A  female postal worker whose thigh got mauled by a dog and resulted in horrible scars.
  • A young toddler who got bitten on her face by an extended family member’s dog. The toddler suffered nerve damage to the face.
  • An African-American female postal employee who got bitten on her calf. African-American skin is prone to keloid scars which are thick and raised.  Unfortunately, plastic surgery often does not fix this type scarring.

To determine how strong the fault or liability is in a potential dog bite case, we examine the following:

  1. Was the dog in a fence or on a leash?  Was the dog contained?  In counties or cities like Chatham County and Savannah where we have leash laws, the owner of the dog would possibly have broken the law because of non-compliance. Most counties and cities in Georgia have leash laws.
  2. The degree/severity of your injuries.

When we determine how strong your case is, the homeowner who owns the dog is then responsible and that homeowner’s insurance policy covers your damages.  Typically, minimum coverage is at least $100,000 and can range up to $1 million.  If you or a family member has been attacked by a dog, call Friedman and Martin to explore the extent of your injuries at 912-232-8500.