Is your workplace safe?

Does your employer follow OSHA regulations? OSHA requires all employers to maintain a safe and healthful workplace. These requirements are in place not only to inform employees of potential workplace dangers, but to remind employers to keep up their workspaces. Violating these regulations can cause serious workplace injuries.

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace? Some of the most common reasons people fall in the workplace are uneven floors or surfaces, wet floors, poor lighting, and poor housekeeping. All of these things can be corrected in order to ensure employee safety. Oftentimes employers overlook these small details and it can really cost them.

What are some other workplace hazards to look for? Workplace hazards can come in many forms, but some specific things to look for are electrocutions or being hit by an object. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that electrical systems are constructed in a way that prevents danger. They must also maintain these systems as necessary. Employers must also be sure to inspect the workplace for unstable objects.

If you are an employee, you are legally entitled to a safe work environment. This means you have the right to report any safety issues that you may find. Employers cannot legally penalize workers for reporting a safety issue; however, if you are uncertain that you will not be fired if you report an issue, consult with an attorney first. If you are an employer, this means you have an obligation to keep your workers safe. Check OSHA requirements regularly to ensure that your workplace meets these safety standards. Click here to learn the responsibilities of an employer.

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