Roadside Safety Tips to Share with Your Family Members

The Spring Break season has officially begun and soon we will notice more vacation travelers on their way to Tybee Island or traveling via I-95 to the Florida coast. As your family members are traveling on Spring Break, share these roadside tips in the event of a flat tire or mechanical breakdown.  So many people are severely injured in roadside accidents because they did not take enough caution.  These roadside safety tips can save lives:

  1. Stay in the car and immediately call for help/roadside assistance.  The quicker you can get your vehicle off the side of the road the better.
  2. Move your vehicle off the road. Move your car as far away from the road as safely possible.  Even if you have to destroy your rim or flat tire to do so, maneuver your car away from the traffic.  When you get to the side, you should also turn your wheel opposite of the road to avoid accidently rolling into traffic.  Get into the grassy area off the road if possible.
  3. If you are on a super busy interstate DO NOT get out of your car.  You may think you can zip out and do a quick repair, but this is highly dangerous.  Stay in your car with your seatbelt(s) buckled.
  4. Alert drivers there is an emergency. Turn your hazard lights on to make sure your car is visible.  This is extremely important if visibility is low due to fog or inclement weather or if you are traveling at night.  If you are far off the shoulder of the road, exit the passenger door and set up hazard triangles(if you have them)10 feet behind your car. Again, do not attempt this in heavy traffic. And, if you must exit your car due to a fire or other dangerous occurrence, don’t ever stand in front or behind your car.  Move as far off the shoulder as possible.
  5. Be prepared before taking a trip. Make sure your car is serviced and you have a full tank of gas.  Put an emergency kit in your car that includes jumper cables, flashlights, road triangles, tools like jacks and wrenches, and a spare tire.
    Always remember it may take a while for the police and tow truck company to get there.  Be patient and stay calm.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of distracted drivers on our highways. If you or a loved one has suffered because of a catastrophic car wreck, contact Friedman and Martin, Personal Injury Attorneys, for the legal representation you need to obtain the recovery you deserve.