Texting While Driving – Why you should not do it

We all have been tempted to text and drive. We hear the ever present alert come in on our phone that is usually just a few feet away from our hand, and we are tempted to pick up the phone, read the text, and respond by text. The better practice is to not even pick up the phone while you are driving because we will be tempted to respond to the text. What is the punishment for texting and driving? The ultimate punishment may come in the form of seriously injuring someone or killing another person. If you seriously hurt someone while texting you could face a felony criminal charge: serious injury by vehicle. If you kill someone in a car wreck when texting, you could face felony vehicular manslaughter charges, especially if you were driving recklessly prior to the wreck. Felony charges are those that carry a term of imprisonment of more than 12 months. What is even worse is the likely guilt and remorse we would feel from killing or seriously injuring another person. Scientific studies show that texting while driving is the equivalent to drinking while driving, and we have all been witness to someone on the road who is weaving ahead of us, and as we pass them, we see that they are looking at their phone/texting/dialing. We don’t need scientific studies to prove to us that texting while driving is unsafe.

So, what are some tips on how to avoid texting and driving? A good solution is to turn your phone off while driving so that you don’t hear when a text comes in. Another good solution is to put the phone in the back seat, or in the trunk, so that you cannot physically get to the phone when you are driving.

Not only will you likely face traffic or criminal charges if you cause a wreck while texting and driving, but you most assuredly will face a claim and/or lawsuit against you for the injuries you caused in the wreck. If you do not have sufficient car insurance to cover the losses of the other person, you could be personally responsible for the other person’s injuries and losses. That type of personal injury judgment or debt against you could financially harm you, and your financial future.

Best practice: do not text and drive.