Do’s and Don’ts of Documenting an Accident Scene

Often after car wrecks there is such a heightened state of emotion it is sometimes difficult to focus on what is going on. You’re looking at your damaged vehicle, you’re worried about the cars whizzing by you while you wait … read more

Do You Have A Herniated Disc Caused by a Wreck?

Have you been in a motorcycle, truck or car wreck and told by your doctor that you have a “herniated” disc, or a “bulging” disc? What is this and how did this come from the wreck? A herniated disc occurs … read more

Should A Lawyer Ask You to Hire His Firm?

Reading billboards on the drive home, Google searches, asking friends and family, and noticing advertisements in the phonebook are classic ways to find an attorney to handle your case and meet the needs that you have as a client. One … read more